At Twelve Mile Limit, we …

… focus on environmental impact.

To reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, we have installed solar panels and a battery storage system. In addition to decreasing our carbon footprint, this allows us to stay open when the power is out and serve as a charging station for our neighbors and community.

We also divert much of our physical waste away from landfills via compost and recycling. We contract with The Composting Network to turn all of our organic waste (including straws, coasters, napkins, food waste, and other materials) into soil. Glass bottles, meanwhile, are collected by Glass Half Full to make sand for storm management and other projects.

Both The Composting Network and Glass Half Full offer home pickup services — click the links above for more info!

… prioritize guest comfort and safety.

We are dedicated to making Twelve Mile Limit a space where all guests feel safe, comfortable, and welcome. Bathroom signage encourages guests, “Is someone making you or another guest feel unsafe or uncomfortable? Please let a bartender or manager know. Even if we’re busy - we want to know.” To make sure we’re prepared, the staff has been trained by the Safe Bar Network in techniques for sexual violence prevention.

… partner with area nonprofits.

We recognize that our presence has likely accelerated the rate of gentrification in our neighborhood. In an effort to combat these effects and support affordable housing in Mid-City, Twelve Mile Limit donates a portion of our sales every month to Jane Place Neighborhood Sustainability Initiative. We also host a monthly fundraiser for the local chapter of Food Rescue US to fight food waste.

We love to host events for like-minded organizations and campaigns. Past partners include Planned Parenthood, Juntos y Unidos, Morris Jefferson Community School, and scores of others.

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